About Sukuma Afrika

Sukuma Afrika (Zulu for “Stand Up”) is a forum to facilitate networking, dialogue, information, mentoring and access to finance for entrepreneurs with projects in Africa that impact the millennium development goals – the 8 UN goals to half poverty worldwide by 2015.

Sukuma Afrika, was established in support of the UN Stand Up Campaign in recognition of the critical role young entrepreneurs and the Diaspora will play in the fight against poverty as the generation that will be responsible for reaching the Millennium Development Goals in 2015.

Sukuma Afrika works with young entrepreneurs interested in Africa’s development and achieves this through partnerships with the United Nations’ Millennium Campaign, corporate partners and investors committed to supporting the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals in Africa.

How can I support Sukuma Afrika:

  • By joining the Sukuma Afrika facebook page.
  • By following Sukuma Afrika on twitter.
  • By sharing ideas to improve the business environment for young entrepreneurs in your country
  • By pursuing that enterprising idea that can support development in Africa
  • By creating jobs and wealth in your community
  • By recognising that your entrepreneurial activities impact the attainment of the MDG’s in Africa and encouraging others to recognise the same

The Stand Up campaign

In October 2002, the United Nations Millennium Campaign launched “Stand Up Against Poverty” a global campaign recorded by the Guinness Book of Records to raise awareness about the significance of attaining the Millennium Development Goals. Over 23 million people stood up in 2006 against poverty as part of the Guinness book of records campaign to remind leaders of the urgency to deliver their promise to implement the MDG’s.