The 2010 Competition


Competition judges

Mr. Charles Akelyira- Director - UN Millennium Campaign Africa
Mrs. Mtoba – Chairman, Deloitte South Africa
Dr. Pauline Jansen – President, Africa Youth Foundation
Mr. Lamesh Mbise – Vice President, Junior Achievement
Mr. Ato Afful - Managing Director - Dialog
Mr. Iqbal Survé – Chairman – Sekunjalo Capital
Mr. Desi Lopez Fafie - Managing Director - Oracle Africa, Chairman -
Junior Achievement Africa Board
Mr. Acha Leke - Partner - MC Kinsey&CO South Africa
Mr. William Asiko - President of the Coca-Cola Africa Foundation
Mrs. Diana Taylor - Managing Director - Wolfensohn Fund Management L.P.

Winners of the 2010 Competition


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First name
Last name
Project title
Goal 1
Food Transaction Limited.
Goal 2
Bhala Africa Stationery & Publishing
South Africa
Goal 3
Cooperative Tazgamout
Goal 4,5,6
Ernst Odege
Collabmed Solutions Limited
Goal 7
Kalama Charles
Recycling Plastic waste

2010 Winners celebrate at the NYSE bell with Hubert Danso and Magali Bongrand, founders of Sukuma Afrika‏

2010 Winners celebrate at the NYSE bell with Hubert Danso and Magali Bongrand, founders of Sukuma Afrika


Finalist MDG 1
Elorm Goh
Food Transactions Limited
Country of residence: Ghana
Phone Number: +233 244 644 633

Dr Niels Christiansen, Vice President Public Affairs at Nestle presents the Award to Elorm Goh‏‏


Project Description

A lot is said about the increase in production or yield as the remedy for the continent’s
bad fortunes in agriculture. Although that may seem the most prudent way of aiding
the case of insufficient food and poverty on the continent, one key element of the
value chain that needs to be promoted more effectively and efficiently is marketing of
agriculture produce.

Food Transactions recognizes the need to promote marketing in agric by its establishment
of the AGRIMARKET Project. This project seeks to create walk-in shops in various urban
markets, stimulate intra-regional tradeand contract supplies with processing industries.
The project will ensure the collection of produce from farmgates, store it and facilitate
trade. We plan on working and living within farm communities to help us better appreciate
their challenges and hence forge towards a common goal. The Project would build
model farms and also encourage contract production and extend expertise services. In
five years of operation, 5% of profit after tax would be allocated towards a fund aimed
at providing these communities with basic and essential amenities.

Our main mission and objective is to be a trail blazer in the marketing of at least
50,000MT annually of produce such as maize, millet, rice, soya beans, sesame seeds,
cowpea, shea nuts and cashews. Our activities would be categorized as the following;
buying from production zones and distributing to urban markets; serving as intermediary
for farmers and processing industries; purchasing during bumper seasons; re-packaging
and storing towards lean seasons when prices usually escalate, and exploring markets.
We are passionate about Africa and its people and our core philosophy is to work with
farmers to improve their fortunes and those of their communities while building a solid and
sustainable agribusiness for mutual profitability and food security and poverty alleviation.


Finalist MDG 2
Ntombenhle Khathwane
Bhala Africa Stationery & Publishing
Country of residence: South Africa
Phone Number: +27 72 327 6497

Bob Annibale, Global Director of Citi Microfinance & Community Development presents her Award to Ntombenhle Khathwane‏


Project Description
Bhala Africa – Write Your Destiny! Bhala is an Nguni word meaning ‘to write’. Education
is a sector that is always growing, evolving and is recession-proof; more so in South
Africa where government and communities demand more resources and attention
towards the provision of qualitative education. Bhala Africa has identified a niche in the
paper stationery and publishing market, and seeks to explore it through the provision
and sales of exciting and contextual educational materials; readers; workbooks and
novels with an African flavour to make it easier for scholars to learn, especially in
African languages.

A key challenge that makes it difficult for scholars to learn is context; “Tell me and I’ll
forget. Show me, and I may not remember. Involve me, and I’ll understand.”
- Native American saying.

This saying sums up the Bhala Africa approach towards developing our products,
they are developed in a context that learners understand, whether it’s the stories, the
graphics or the methods.

Now, more than ever, African parents are keen to assist their children in accessing
education and Bhala Africa educational resources make that possible as they are very
affordable, even to parents on welfare. The Bhala Africa sales model is based on selling
directly to the public, though sales will also be pitched towards government. Every year,
the South African government, through its Provincial Departments of Education, buys
stationery, learning aids and teaching aids for scholars in the public school system and
buys stock for all public libraries in the country.


Finalist MDG 3
Mourad Hamida
Cooperative Tazgamout
Country of residence: Morocco
Phone Number: +212661110562


Project Description

Our vision is to create a women’s cooperative producing top quality argan oil and to
empower women involved in the cooperative by giving them access to opportunities to
export their livelihood by cultivating the argan forest and, in doing so, preserve these
UNESCO-protected argan trees. Argan oil is a matter which has a lot of benefits for the
human body and we aim to produce top-quality, 100% organic argan oil to export into
the $2.79 billion natural organic skincare, haircare and cosmetics market.

Advantages of argan oil: since 1980, Berber claims about the many virtues of argan oil
have been substantiated by western scientists, and several rare biological compounds
were identified with high therapeutic values. Beside its anti-ageing effect on the skin,
the oil was found to contrain anti-cancer compounds, and to help acne sufferers. In
fact, this oil is beneficial for all skin types. Ironically, this was at a time when the argan
forest had already shrunk by one third in less than a century.

Our process: after collecting the fruit of the argan, we extract the oil with a machine
that produces 5 litres of argan oil per hour. Then we will filter the oil with a machine and
send a sample to an office of control to provide us with a certificate which will guarantee
our oil purity. When the product is certified and consistent, the cooperative will work
with sales agents on a commission basis to create relationships with companies selling
argan oil to achieve its target of 500 litres in year 1 and 1000 litres in year 2.



Finalist MDG 4,5,6
Ernest Jura
Collabmed Solutions Limited
Country of residence: Morocco
Phone Number: +254722300811

Hepsy Mkhungo, Head of Transformation at SAB Ltd. presents his Award to Ernest Jura‏

Project Description

Collabmed an acronym for Collaborative Medicine which aims to improve patient
care by creating integrated solutions that efficiently and effectively manage healthcare

The realization that to achieve this we have to involve doctors, as they are central
to the entire healthcare network, has led us to target our premiere solution, iClinic,
towards private practices, group clinics and medium sized and small hospitals.
iClinic is our solution for private practices; it is secure online medical practice management
software that ensures doctors in private practice are efficient and effective.

It offers:

  • An appointment manager – manages and efficiently schedules their appointments.
  • A secure EMR – securely stores patient records, making these records easy to access.
  • A financial manager – efficiently tracks revenue the practice generates.
  • Comprehensive reports – gives them a clear picture of their patients' health as well as their financial health.
  • SMS and email alerts to patients.

The overall goals and objectives are to:

  1. Give doctors a solution that is simple, easy to use, secure, convenient and
  2. Interlink doctors to laboratories, pharmacies and medical insurance companies.
  3. Mine healthcare data and provide it to healthcare stakeholders to improve patient care, which is our mantra.


Finalist MDG 7
Kalama Charles Wamukoya
EcoPost Country of residence: Kenya
Phone Number: +254 725 351 032

William Asiko - President of the Coca-Cola Africa Foundation, presents his award to Charles Kalama Wamukoya‏

Project Description

Nairobi generates over 2,400 metric tonnes of waste everyday, 20% of which is plastic. Over 70% of the total waste is disposed of by crude dumping, ending up littering streets, in open fields and clogging sewers.

Our business recycles post consumer waste plastic into aesthetic, durable and
environmentally-friendly fencing posts. The opportunity was born out of the fact that there is huge demand for environmentally-friendly and sustainable fencing posts, and waste plastic is hugely abundant and readily available.
We are strong proposers of the 4 Rs (Reduction, Reuse, Recycle, Recover) and our aim is to find ways of unlocking and utilising the latent value of waste.
Our efforts contribute to conservation of our forests and water catchment areas such as the Mau and Aberdare forests. In particular, we save the Red Cedar Tree, an endangered species protected through a 2007 Presidential Directive, from destruction due to production of cedar posts. We also clean our environment by reducing release of plastics into landfills thus providing a viable alternative solid waste management

The 2010 Competition

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