The 2011 Competition


The Competition timeline


  • 1st  December 2010: Call to Entries
  • 21st February 2011: Closing Date for Applications
  • 1st March 2011: Announcement of Short-Listed Candidates selected by the Sukuma Afrika Team
  • 3rd April 2011: Announcement of Finalists after Jury Deliberation
  • 3rd May 2011: Awards Ceremon

Application process


Simply download the application form and the declaration of non-prosecution, fill it in and return it before 21st February 2011 to 

Application form 2011 PDF
Application form 20111 Word.doc

Declaration of non prosecution PDF
Declaration of non prosecution Word.doc

Ai africainvestor PDF


2011 Judges Competition judges


Mr. Charles Akelyira- Director, UN Millennium Campaign Africa 
Mr Kojo Parris - founder of the Social Private Equity SA (SPESA)
Dr Kerrin Myres – Director, Centre for Entrepreneurship Wits Business School
Mr. Ato Afful - Managing Director, Dialog
Dr. Pauline Jansen – President, Africa Youth Foundation
Mr. Desi Lopez Fafie - Managing Director - Oracle Africa, Chairman - Junior Achievement Africa Board
Mr. Acha Leke - Partner - MC Kinsey & CO South Africa 



Winner MDG 1

Larry Carl Keya
Country of residence: Kenya
Tel: +254 770 349 857 | +254 718 423 635


Project Description

I-Farm is a start-up farm hosting three highly productive agriculturalprojects; tomato greenhouses, dairy and broiler keeping. The objective is to use its profits to set up a revolving fund to help youth start profitable agricultural ventures before banks can boost them as going concerns. Impacts:

  1. To provide self-employment to the 9 million+ unemployed and frustrated youth.
  2. To ease food insecurity and ultimately end extreme poverty in Kenya. This project requires Ksh 8 million with 4 million contributed by me in kind.

Winner MDG 2

Mpodumo Doubada
Pimp My Book
Country of residence: South Africa
Cell: +27 72 682 6064
Tel: +27 21 911 0584 | +27 21 685 5234
Fax: +27 21 911 0584

  Project Description

New textbooks are very expensive, yet many students across South Africa are sitting with old textbooks that they no longer need. Pimp My Book (PMB) allows students to sell their old textbooks to PMB, putting cash back in their pockets and then PMB resells these cheaper, used textbooks to other students who can't afford expensive new textbooks, making academic resources affordable and accessible to more students. This is achieved through a network of three campus book shops, a mobile book store, an online book store and a young dedicated team.

Winner MDG 3

Amare Abebaw Woreta
Frag Agro Industry Pvt. Ltd.Co
Country of residence: Ethiopia
Tel: +251 912 01 39 09 | +251 918 16 42 36

  Project Description

Addressing food insecurity, malnutrition and unemployment problems is our goal by empowering girls/women and by introducing innovative production and marketing methods for protein- and vitamin-rich mushrooms. We will enable 100 girls/women to produce and sell mushrooms in simple ways. These girls will establish mushroom grower associations in their villages by recruiting ten households headed by women to initiate mushroom production to reach a total of 100 girls and 1,000 households. Mushroom canning firms owned by growers will ultimately be established.

Winner MDG 4,5

Winstone Edward Odhiambo
Edom Nutritional Solutions
Country of residence: Kenya
Tel: +254 724222356 | +254 738168816

  Project Description

Edom Nutritional Solutions is a social enterprise responding to the worst health problem in Africa; micronutrient malnutrition. Staple food fortification is the least expensive, most reliable method to guarantee these critical micronutrients to mothers and to children in their first 1,000 days of life. We contract smallholder farmers to grow mushroom, amaranth and moringa oleifera, process into premix for food seasoning and flours and avail through affordable retail in smaller packs that the majority millions in the survival markets can access.

Winner MDG 6

Bright SimonsmPedigree
Country of residence: Ghana
Tel: +233246081335

  Project Description

mPedigree Network is Africa's leading public-private partnership committed to the use of ICTs to suppress the prevalence of counterfeit medicines across Africa and beyond by empowering consumers with a free mobile telephony service for the instant verification of medicinal authenticity at the point of sale or dispensation. mPedigree Network facilitates partnerships between and among leading mobile operators, pharmaceutical companies, technology providers, intergovernmental organisations and government regulatory agencies to create a pharmaceutical quality assurance grid accessible to all regardless of geography, income and background. By doing so, mPedigree Network works at the forefront of a campaign to prevent the deaths of at least 700,000 people annually from the fatal effects of counterfeit medicines, with the related benefit of saving the legitimate pharmaceutical industry at least $75 billion a year and thus promoting innovation and confidence in the public health system

Winner MDG 7

Semuyaba Sulaiman
Energy Uganda Foundation
Country of residence: Uganda
Tel: +256 712 531 791 | +256 701 531 791
Email: |



  Project Description

Energy Uganda Foundation is centered on the manufacturing and distribution of energy-saving charcoal stoves. These are made from wasted clay, mica, paint, saw dust, iron sheets and cement. The major part is the liner, responsible for the energy-saving function and is made through careful measurements of material mixture, taking a period of five days from molding to firing. Each takes 25 minutes to assemble, yielding a total of 30 stoves a day. To keep skilled manpower available, we recruit youth willing and able to learn and work with skills of stovemaking, thereby creating a reliable source of skilled manpower within our village area of operation. For quality control and customer satisfaction, we give warranty cards to customers, helping keep track of stoves, in turn providing after sales services to customers with genuine claims.

Winner MDG 8

Farai Gwaze
Afropolitan New Media
Country of residence: South Africa
Cell: +27 78 782 4781

  Project Description

Afropolitan New Media uses new media tools to present the entrepreneurial endeavours of young Africans in fashion, entertainment, the performing arts and music, while looking at social needs that must be met in their respective communities. Its main focus is to allow Africans to present themselves to other Africans (and the world) within a modern context. It will look at the day-to-day professional and personal lived experiences of five to eight young Africans and their contributions to the above-mentioned industries, and more importantly, to their communities.
The 2011 Competition

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