Sukuma Afrika Campaign

Big Brother Africa Campaign

Sukuma Afrika, UNDP (Nairobi Office) and Endemol (producers of Big Brother Africa) work together to promote awareness of the MDG’s and the Stand Up Against Poverty campaign. Working with Big Brother Africa is a powerful partnership which engages Big Brother Africa’s about (25 million per day) viewers across Africa in debates around key issues regarding youth, entrepreneurship and the involvement of the Diaspora in attaining the MDGs in Africa.

During the week of 14-21 October, 2007 the Big Brother Africa house will launch the Sukuma Afrika competition for young entrepreneurs 2007 (hyperlink to sukuma afrika campaign) and the housemates will be tasked to come up with business ideas and a poster campaign that can help deliver the MDG’s in Africa.

Discuss Big Brother Africa

What are your views on the MDG? What do you think about the way housemates handle their tasks? What can you do to help your country attain the MDG? You are already involved in a campaign: let everyone here know about it! Stand Up for the MDG and discuss!
Big Brother Africa Campaign